Mar 12, 2012

How often do you experience DOS attacks?

I recently changed positions, going from a relatively small, regional company to a working for a nationally known university. I almost never experienced DOS (denial of service) attempts before, but I sure do now. They rarely cause any problems, but the increase in frequency is amazing compared to what I was used to. Frankly, I had assumed that they weren't attempted all that often any longer. Apparently I was wrong. How common are these attempted DOS attacks?


It definitely depends on where you work.  I've worked in IT at a university as well, and DDoS attacks happened multiple times every single day.  As you noted it generally isn't a problem because the pattern is so easy to identify, but they keep trying.  I can see how it could be a big problem for a company/organization that rarely experienced them and hadn't prepared for it though.       

It's not an an issue that I've had to confront, but here's a good article on how to protect against such attacks.

Strategies to Protect Against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks

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