Mar 07, 2012

How hard is it for someone with a non-tech degree pursue a career in IT?

I have a relative that has a B.S. in Anthropology, but she is essentially self-taught when it comes to computers/tech/programming/IT. She has built a number of PCs and has a working knowledge of Linux programming and web design. What would be a good path for her to move into IT? How much of a drawback is her bachelor's degree for an IT career?

A bit harder without anything else to point to. Some certifications should help, as jimlynch said. One other thing that might help is some business experience that can be added to her resume. If she can't find an IT internship, perhaps she could find a position with a computer repair business, or something like geek squad or the Apple store. That may not be an IT job like she ultimately wants but it would give her a starting point from which to move forward, and would look a lot better than a year or two at The Gap on her resume while she gains those certifications and real world experience to make her resume look more attractive.
Well she will probably need to get some certifications relevant to the area she wants to go into. I don't think her degree will be a problem, but she will probably need more than that to get started.

I suggest sitting down with her and asking her what sort of IT jobs she is interested in. You can then come up with some ideas for certifications and she can then pursue those before applying for jobs.

She might also want to start trying for an IT internship that would give her some practical experience for her resume.
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