Mar 05, 2012

How difficult is App Inventor to use for someone new to programming for android devices?

I've been given an assignment to develop an android app for my company. I'm not really a programmer per se, although I can "fake" it and have a good handle on JavaScript. I was thinking about using the beta version of App Inventor, but I have no experience with it. Is this the best tool for "non-programmer" programmers, or are there other superior options?



I’ve just been getting into learning App Inventor and found an online course that’s been awesome and easy to understand. I thought this was going to be complicated, but it’s really not. You may be able to use these courses to get your app built. It's a lot better than learning to write code, that's for sure. 




App Inventor is really simple. It is web based and was designed for non-developers, so you should have no trouble. From what I've seen it looks more like a drag and drop website builder than what one would expect a dev kit to look like. I've read a couple of posts in the past couple of days that mentioned there were some troubles using App Inventor because of heavy interest and traffic now that it has gone beta, but I would expect that to go away once the initial rush to try it out dies down. I don't know of any comparable options out there, but I haven't really looked very hard.
I haven't used it, but here's the link so you can check it out:


And here's an FAQ that you might find helpful:


There are also forums you can browse:


And the developer's blog:

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