Mar 02, 2012

Help desk system needed

I’d like to try out some more modern help desk systems as the older ones are so complex and specialized (not to mention expensive) that they are just not feasible options for a young and growing company. I want something that is cloud-based because I don’t want to struggle with deployment. Something with an easy to use interface would be highly beneficial. But whatever systems you recommend, they need to have some trial I can use because I don’t trust the marketing talk, I want to see for myself if something is as good as it is claimed to be. Any help would be appreciated.

Just came across this thread, hope it helps future viewers here is the help desk software for free . https://one.comodo.com/service-desk/help-desk-services.php

After testing too many Service Desk,  we choose InvGate Service Desk, its very innovative, easy to use and everyone loves it.

It has many, well design, features like :

Workflows configuration


Reports Analytics.

Change Management


You can try one from orcadesk.com. They are cloud based and have 30 days trial period so you can see if it meets your needs.


Hi, AJ Help Desk is the best help desk software with robust ticket support solutions. It covers customer support and live chat services support & email support solutions for all your business needs.


You may also want to have a look at Feature by feature reviews of popular IT help desk softwares listed here.





You need to try www.focalscope.com period. I had similar requirements when I was looking for a help desk system for my company, and FocalScope really delivers, that’s not marketing talk, that’s an endorsement from a thoroughly satisfied FocalScope customer.



ServiceNow has what you're looking for. It's got many, many other components (it's more of an ITIL implementation tool)-- which might make the price/performance unworkable for you (don't know what they're willing to sell; it's been a while since I spoke with them). However they have a demo and maybe they offer something in your ballpark: http://www.service-now.com/


A good place to start can be the Google Marketplace. A lot many modern, cloud-based help desk tools, with real user reviews. Here's the Freshdesk listing: http://bit.ly/u5SEvS There's a free 30-day trial you can sign up for.

Hi Ray,

Here's a list of them that you might find helpful.


I don't have a particular recommendation for you, but that list should at least get you started as you can see demos of the products. It's a good place to start. Good luck, I hope you find one that works well for you.



Zoho makes the best cloud based software in the world, you have to give them a try. 

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