Mar 01, 2012

How much of a step forward is Windows 8?

The lack of a start button is a small thing....but at the same time it really isn't. Since I got my 1st PC back in 1994, there has been a start button in the bottom left of Windows that brings up the start menu. No more, but to me that seems reflect that this version of Windows is something different. I'm hoping it is not Vista different, I'd prefer good different :-). So now that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is out and it is getting lots of close looks, what do people see; is it a serious advance from the current status quo?

I dislike the mix of a tablet and desktop interface, or at least the way Microsoft is doing it. I prefer how Apple has done it in a more cautious and thoughtful way. The metro tile thing seems ugly and obnoxious to me.

However, others may actually find it pleasing and useful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so you just never know how people will react to such a drastic UI change. Some will like it and others will hate it.

So I guess I won't be rushing out to buy a copy of Windows 8. Your mileage may vary, however. Heh, heh.
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