Feb 28, 2012

Will tablets replace laptops?

Just came across this:

A new poll by Poll Position found that 46% of Americans think tablets will eventually take the place of laptop computers.

Oddly, younger Americans in the 18-29 age group do not think tablets will replace personal computers. Forty-nine percent said tablets will not replace the personal computer, 37% said the tablets will take the place of laptops and 15% did not offer an opinion.

My iPad has already mostly replaced the Macbook Pro I bought a while back. I still like the laptop, but I find that I can do most of the things I did with it with my iPad. The iPad is lighter and easier to carry around with me.

I suspect many others have come to the same conclusion. Laptops still offer good value and are necessary for certain things, but tablets are just so much easier and more convenient to carry around with you.
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