Feb 28, 2012

What are the best free VPN clients?

I know there are free option out there. A friend of mine suggested Wippien, but that's the only one he has used so he doesn't really have a standard for comparison. Are there better options?

they are many free VPN service that you can use, hotspot, cyber ghost, Hola etc, but be honest not a big fan of Free Services. Already you will reduced your connection speed while bowing through VPN but after Free VPN you will reduce you temperament as well :) it will cause you slow connectivity, and it will put direct impact to your PC performance! so! get cheap and avail freedom or anonymity with speedy connection.. here are few http://www.fastestvpn.net/
There is no such thing as a free lunch. Free VPNs often have problems. Tor may be the best but it limits your bandwith. This site http://www.bestvpnchina.net/ is your best resource.
I think cyberghost and tunnelbear both have nice vpn cilents with free service.check this post.and i more like the tunnelbear,that easy to use.but remember free always mean not good!
You are right Bruce Lee here is another website with same VPN services but they have also mentioned the alternatives for free vpn

Using a free VPN without the knowledge of who is actually running that service could be dangerous as you are actually disclosing all your browsing and Internet transactions information to a third party that may use it for illicit reasons, instead of protecting your online transactions and data.
They also often experience many technical issues with connection, because of inability to manage their technical capacity and accepting more VPN clients than their systems can technically serve. This makes the network overcrowded and the connection highly unstable. So if quality and privacy are important to you, you may want to avoid free VPN otherwise you may look for budget reliable VPN services.


There are many free VPN clients in the Industry. I used free VPN clients to some extent then switched to paid VPN to get more anonymity and security for my account. You are required to follow the list of top free VPN Clients services in order to get better options which you are looking here the list of free vpn clients Though i prefer Cyberghost VPN and spotflux both offers a ‘Free Proxy’ service that changes your IP to let you visit your chosen, often blocked, websites, anonymously.


There are a couple of free vpn softwares over the internet. It all depends on what purpose you would wanna use it them for. If its to access blocked websites, you could use utlrasurf, Hotspot Shield VPN, TorBrowser, VPN One Click and alot others.


If you looking out for a vpn for android, then you can try Spotflux VPN. Hope this helps?


I use supervpn.net free account, all you need to do is to like them on social networks and you will get one year free vpn account. Or you can choose to use 7 days free trial account.


I second that free VPNs aren't really worth the hassle. Paid services aren't actually too expensive nowadays, usually less than $10/month and you'll get guaranteed unlimited bandwidth and normal connection speeds. This site has lots of good articles on VPN and speed tests, worth a look - BestVPNz


Almost all free VPNs are unreliable and more trouble that they are worth. I run an independent VPN review site called GreyCoder -- see my recent review of The Best VPNs of 2013.


there are lots of vpn client out there. For me best VPN client are security kiss , LogMeIn Hamachi, CyberGhost VPN , HideIPVPN, proXPN and hipe my ip. you can get good information about these vpn clicnt in this article about 

BestFree VPN Software To Securely Browse Internet



Free VPN's will record everything you do and sell your personal information to anyone that wants' to buy it. They may also place malware on your computer that hackers can use to take over you machine with. Pay some money and Get Secure VPN Service. Free isn't worth the cost.



I have been using VPN from Kepard for more than a month. They have a super offer. I had just to create an account through a link which was provided by a friend of mine. So far I'm satisfied with it. In case you get interested just register through this link: goo(dot)gl/QmakX and get 15 days of free VPN, then if you like it just invite another friends of yours and get 30 days of free usage per invite. Just give it a shot. :)

I remember reading the same article that jimlynch linked to, it should point you in the right direction. I would definitely look at some of the choices out there other than Wippien. It does not have a business focus, and is not known for either flexibility or stability. Even at the low, low price of free, you can probably do better.
You might want to check out PCMag's list of the best free VPN clients.


"When you think of VPN, if you think of anything, it’s probably not free VPN clients for consumers. But setting up and using a VPN (Virtual Private Networking) has become much less of a hassle recently. What was formerly a technology used mostly by businesses to allow employees to access the company network remotely has turned into a multi-purpose technology. Now VPN means everything from enterprise VPN hardware to on-the-fly software solutions simple enough for use by consumers who want to provide remote access to their home networks. And it’s not just the technology that has become more accessible—the price, too, is right for everyone, with several good free VPN clients now available."
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