May 26, 2011

Cable Internet versus T1

In provisioning a small office with fewer than 10 employees, is there any advantage in deploying a T1 line rather than business-class cable Internet? The cable option seems both faster and cheaper, so I'm wondering if there is any reason to consider anything else.

The only downside of cable Internet is that it's a "best effort" technology, and you may actually be getting less bandwidth than what you think because it's a shared medium. Your actual bandwidth is dependent on what everybody else is doing. That said, you do get a lot of speed at an affordable price, and if your needs aren't particularly heavy and you aren't running sensitive apps that require a guarantee against latency, cable's an option that will fall into the "good enough" category. But, if guaranteed throughput is high on your priority list, you'll need to look for a T1 or T3 solution.

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