Feb 20, 2012

Which program should I choose? Also, are they good programs?

I have a degree in Computer Science Information Technology. I want to get certified in some areas in the I.T. world.
These are the programs and certifications offered:

1. Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Server 2008 Program (MCTS)
*CompTIA A+
*CompTIA N+
*CompTIA Security
*Microsoft Windows 7 (70-680)
*Microsoft Server 2008 Network Configuration (70-642)

2. Microsoft Certified IT Professional Server Administration Server 2008 Program (MCITP Se)
*CompTIA A+
*CompTIA Network+
*CompTIA Security+
*Microsoft Windows 7 (70-680)
*Microsoft Server 2008 Network Configuration (70-642)
*Microsoft Server 2008 Active Directory (70-640)
*Microsoft Server 2008 Planning and Administering (70-646)

I would like to know which one is a better program?
Which one would make more money?
What other courses/certifications will go with the better program?

Thank you for your help!



Jogo I  recently passed  CompTIA A+ and I m very happy 

Hi JoGo - I've asked Eric Bloom, our career columnist, to weigh in on this for you ...
I suggest first taking a peek at Simply Hired and other job sites. Look for hiring requirements in the areas you are interested in becoming certified in, then you'll have an idea of what employers are looking for in your field. I think this will give you an idea of which certs might make sense for the job you hope to obtain. It's always a good idea to see what people are looking for before you go for the certification.

That is the problem I have no idea what area or I need to get into...I kinda need a mentor! I never did I.T....it chose me I did not choose it! I was in the Army for 9 year as a medic...The Army sent me to Germany for 3 and 1/2 years, I was doing a BIO degree...Ther are no schools where you can do the labs. I called me college counselor and said I need to get a degree because I do not want to waste 3 and 1/2 years here...so she said I could do a Computer Science Information Technology degree online. I completed it in two years. I got out of the Army almost a year ago...now I am trying to figure where I should go in this field. Really with my military background I will do any job just need to go where the money is have a lot fo kids!! LOL Thanks for your help!

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