Feb 20, 2012

Where to find right IT person to set up live streaming high quality video from remote locations with < optimal internet connect?

We need to set up complete video chain from IP camera at remote location, to encoder,  to QoS network set up, to maximize upload capacity for high quality video to stream to our servers and from there to the web viewable by 1,000s of viewers. Internet connections at remote locations are often less than ideal and the locations will move every eight weeks to new location with new unique connection and steaming circumstances. Finding an IT manager with the right skill set in IP cameras, streaming, tweaking networks and internet connections at different locations that change every 8-10 weeks requires special skill set and experience. Eventually, we plan to have multiple feeds from different locations streaming high quality video at the same time and viewable by our audience that hopefully will be in high numbers.

From our video team here:

This job board might have some video jobs where someone could look:

Also, vendor sites might have video-related forums which could be a good place to cruise for experts/consultants.

I just Tweeted this to the ITworld community. I'll post other ideas here when they come in.

Good luck!


Are you looking for a vendor or a hire?

There are companies who do very high quality video streaming (i.e. BitGravity).

You might try posting ads on Simply Hired and other job sites. You seem to be very specific in your requirements so if you are clear in your ad, the right person might come to you. You could also try using recruiters if you don't have success posting on job sites.
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