Feb 17, 2012

In what areas does your company plan big IT expenditures for 2012?

It seems that over the past few years there has been a new annual big ticket IT expenditure. One year it is increased spending on The Cloud, the next year it is business intelligence/big data, and so on. What things are businesses looking at for increased 2012 IT budgeting?

Aside from infrastructure improvements, two of the areas that are driving many conversations in my neck of the woods are social media and a focus on mobile applications. The social aspect is interesting, as companies start to look at how to utilize internal "social networks" as a tool for interaction and collaboration within the organization. Of course, there is still traditional social media such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc., utilization of which is more or less mandatory at this point. Mobile is a many headed hydra for IT. Not only is there the need to optimize websites for smartphones/tablets, there is the move to BYOD, which is here to stay whether IT likes it or not. Of course, there will still be focus on Big Data and Cloud Computing, as pretty much every survey over the past two years has suggested. I think more companies will be boosting their IT spending this year, with so many signs pointing to increasing economic growth in the US.
I suspect it might end up being more of the same, or less if the economy continues to stay in the doldrums. Many companies might not want to increase or even maintain current levels of IT spending.

I suppose it also might depend on just how well the company in question is doing in terms of finances. The ones making a lot of money and doing well will probably be more inclined to spend at the same or increased levels.
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