Feb 09, 2012

How to market a mobile app

Any tips for developers with no marketing background to help get some traction with a new mobile app they've created? 


The sucess of mobile apps is majorly depends on the marketing. Building an app is the tough part but you should market the mobile app in a better way to reach the audience. I found this article where it explains about the tips to market the mobile apps. Hope it will be helpful. Find more here.http://maria12.kinja.com/tips-for-marketing-your-mobile-apps-1262656120?rev=1378463722


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Here's a good article with ten tips on how to market your mobile applications.

Top 10 Tips on Marketing Mobile Applications

"It is not enough if you merely create a mobile app - marketing mobile applications is equally important. The best way to market your app is to go through an App Store. You will benefit immensely from including your app therein. But there is a hitch here.

There are almost 1,500,000 apps in the market and counting. How do you go about ensuring that the app you created gets the attention it deserves? How do you turn the stoplight on your application and get people going crazy over your hard work? Now that you created this wonderful app, how do you go about getting people to spread the word and purchase it? Read on for more...."

One of the most easily overlooked aspect of marketing an app is being sure your app's icon is distinctive, attractive and conveys something about the app itself.  Being certain it is well-written is critical as well.  Otherwise, it won't take long before there is a lot of 1-2 star user feedback ratings, and if that happens, you are done for.


A website that does a good job of explaining the app and showing it "in action" would also be a good idea.  It gives you a platform to show off what you've developed and directly tell the world how awesome it is and what needs it fills.  Use SEO to make sure that your website gets the attention it deserves from the various search engines.  A link in your signature line, if it doesn't violate the terms of the forums you visit, can help drive traffic to your website, especially if you have posts that aren't directly self-serving, i.e. "Hey, check out my fantastic app" when the topic is unrelated.  Spamming is not the road to success.   

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