Feb 09, 2012

How do you bill for independent sales reps in a company IT contract?

I have a support contract with a client who has sales reps that are only paid commission. Since the reps own their own laptops, the company doesn't want to pay for their IT support. But, they want to have some sort of contracted monthly flat-fee to support these people, perhaps paid by the reps directly or a lump sum in the contract for their coverage. What do other people do regarding this type of situation?/

Hmmm. This is an interesting question. What kind of support would these sales reps actually be getting? What sort of services are they using? Bandwidth? Software? How much worker time are they taking up?

I think you already have an idea of how you would structure a fee, but you might also want to sit down and figure out what the exact dollar figure is that they are costing you for support (or as close as you can get).

Once you've figure that out, you can then easily opt for the monthly fee or lump sum, depending on what works best for you. But until you've costed out the services, you are pretty much not going to get anywhere.

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