Feb 03, 2012

What is the best software for recovery of deleted files?

We lost some files recently thanks to a worm that deleted them. What is a good recovery/undelete program that can help recover files that have been deleted, whether by accident or maliciously?

There are many data recovery software but I will suggest you to use iPhone Data Recovery for iOS because this software is simple, quick and user friendly.
Well, there are so many choices,I like Recuva is the best of them all which I like. I also like TestDisk and Pandora Recovery. Superb free data recovery suites. I recommend some best data recovery for your recovery efforts!!

Remo recovery software is a most effective tool, which can be used for recovering deleted files. Within minutes, the software recovers huge number of deleted files.
I've used Data Rescue for Mac by Prosoft earlier. It costs from 80-90 dollars depending on where you get it but something tells me 2 years worth of graphic design is probably worth the money! http://bit.ly/1jNIqbS

Files deleted/lost from the recycle bin or from hard drive can be restored or recovered only by using professional recovery software such as Stellar Phoenix. It would work best if you haven't overwritten the deleted files or used too many recovery programs to get it recovered. 


Neverthless, try the software and see if there still some hope left to restore desired files back. 




Sincearly, I'd love to use any other software (free, if possible) which may perform like this. So, if anyone out there have suggestions, please reply!!

if the device is not being detected at all nothing you can do. if it is detected and has been formated there are free programs that can help you recover files.
always keeping a bckup is the best way to prevent a problem.

The deleted file recovery software is different on the device, then you can see iphone, andoird phone, hard drive, ipad, ipod and more devices recovery software on the internet.


As to me, Tenorshare iPhone data recovery software is the best on for iPhone users.




Yes, if you have not backup these data to iTunes, you need to use some third party software to recover the data. iPhone data recovery is the best tool to do this job. It can directly scan the device for the data and recover them safely and easily. See detailed guide here: 


how to recover deleted text messages from iPhone 5

how to recover deleted photos from iPhone 5


With recover files data Tool, you can scan and retrieve songs, movies, documents or pictures from formatted or damaged volumes of FAT or NTFS file systems. This tool will perform scan on your hard disk and index all the deleted and existing folders and files on selected logical drive. When scanning is done, you can choose file(s) to recover in your desired destination. get more info:


Several data recovery software available to recover lost data from corrupt hard disk drive but i have used an effective and easy to use data recovery tool


If you need Windows Data Recovery Software. Before purchase or free download read review and comparison table carefully . Visit the comparison table click http://www.comparisonandreviews.org


Undoubtedly, it is going to be Stellar Phoenix for me.. Many a times, it has saved my life by retieving all my lost data.. My bos would have killed me without this software.. http://www.retrievephotos.com/


I had lots of experience to lost my large amount of data, after that i tried many data recovery tools, but i can't satisfied from them, but i tried this application its provide me perfect data recovery results in a precise way.




I suggest you QuickData hard drive recovery tool it recover your all data from Windows hard drives which has been deleted, corrupted or formatted owing to any reasons.




You can try MAC data recovery. This software features

Mac Data Recovery , Deleted File Recovery, Deleted Volume Recovery

Raw Recovery , Mac Photo Recovery, System Startup Disc , Recover Data from NTFS Partitions on Mac etc. 

For more information http://macintoshdatarecoverytool.blogspot.in


Tons of data recovery softwares have in the market today, but you select the software, which can able to solve variety of data recovery results.


Here are some tips you may need when you meet data loss problems:

1. If you meet the file loss situation, keep calm and stop using your computer to do any read or write operation until you find the way to recover the lost files because any wrong operation.

2. If you’ve lost a file, time is of the essence. As new files saved to Mac hard drive or storage devices, the original files gets overwritten. So do not use the drive or disk which your deleted files are stored before at all, until you have completed the scanning and recovery process.

3. The system crashed or the files loss situation happens occasionally, so remember build a backup for the files periodically is strongly needed.

4. If you meet the file loss situation again, stop using the Mac or storage device right now, use another computer to process the files recovery.

5. Remember this, no matter at the normal time or after files recovery, build a backup for the files periodically is the best method to protect your files from data loss situation.

This post offers you more tips you may need: http://www.uflysoft.com/data-recovery-mac/mac-files-recovery.html


I had experienced to lost large amount of data and i tried many tools for data recovery but i can't satisfied for it, after a long time i found this application it provide me lots of advantageous data recovery option by which i able to get back my all hard drive data in a precise way.




Have you tried this:


Can't recommend as I haven't tried it myself, but found this iPhone data recovery software in a Google search.

Good luck.

Hi All,

Get rid of data loss trouble by using with easy and simple File Recovery Software. With the help of this tool, user can recover or restore up to 250 GB hard drive data in a user friendly manner.

Try first demo version, then go ahead for full version software

Read More Information - http://goo.gl/Yxzbq

Here is the method for all windows user who want to recover their lost data successfully, you should try RecoveryFix for Windows data recovery software. By the use of this tool you can easily recover missing or permanenlty delete files very smartly in less time. To know more about software visit here :- http://www.recoveryfix.com/recover-windows-data.html and download demo version.


Try also some Data recovery utilities. Some useful tools here you can free download and more information visit 




I`ve had the same problem. I couldn’t open photos, which I made by my old camera in computer, because they were damaged. After this I try to recover photos with special programs, but mostly of them didn`t see cameras flash driver. To recover photos I can advise you to use program hetman repair.


There are quite a good number of data recovery tools out there examples include Recuva, Restoration, Undelete 360, PC Inspector File Recovery, Undelete Plus, Wide Data Recovery but my favorite remains Recuva. 


Hello Dear,


I  already faced this problem at that time someone suggest me the Windows Data Recovery software that is helpful in recovering of corrupted files and folders from formatted Partition.This tool also recovers the files which are deleted by using shift + delete keys.




Here's the one that always worked fine for me  RECUVA

It is free for personal use and you can download it here


The sooner you realize find was deleted the better.

Chances are file ( or better yer disk sectors) will not be ovewritten by other file.

R-Studio Data Recovery would probably be my go-to choice. If you have to pay for it yourself, a downside is that R-Studio is one of the more expensive options. It works with FAT, NTFS, Linux and Mac OS, so it is also more versatile than most data recovery software. It is sector based recovery, so it can be a little unwieldy if you are trying to do a simple undelete of a file, but it will do the job. Recuva is pretty good too, better at recovering a single file because it allows you to easily scan the file table. Plus Recuva is free. There are many other options out there as well, but these two are solid choices.


This somewhat depends on how it was deleted, if the computer has been used since, and if there was a 'wipe' function executed after the virus was removed.

Generally speaking, files are saved digitally as binary numbers, 0's and 1's. When a file is 'deleted', simply a 0 is written in place of a 1, etc. If that digit is not written over with new data, the old data is actually still there, just not visible to the system. With a virus/worm, the data is written over, and upon deletion of the virus/worm, the data is completely written over, so it may be tough in recovering the files.

Please refer to the link below for a good read, comparison, and recommendation. My guess, if permanantly deleted, you may need to use a professional recovery service.



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