Feb 03, 2012

What business apps do you find most useful for tablets?

We have a limited number of tablets at my company, both iPads and Android, mainly for evaluation purposes. What apps have you found to be most useful for business purposes? I think at this point we have more entertainment apps on them than productivity apps, but that's what happens when you give "the kids" a new toy to play with, er, I mean evaluate.

I'm on an iPad, so I can't help with the Android end of it. But you might be able to check the Android app store to see which business apps are getting the most sales/downloads. That's a good way to see what's popular and might help you find some useful apps.

I agree that the iWork and Evernote apps are great. Quickoffice Pro HD is another one to consider. Splashtop Remote Desktop is worth checking out too. Monster.com for iPad is useful if you are looking for a job.

There are so many great business apps, it's tough to really generalize. The best thing to do is identify your needs and poke around in your platform's app store to see what's available. I recommend looking for free software first, and then paid if you can't find anything free. If you can you might as well save a few bucks with a free business app.
This is more for iPads than Android tablets, but if I had to pick three, I would start with Evernote. It is a note taking tool that synchronizes everything you do on your iPad and desktop/laptop, and even the free version offers 40MB of storage. Second, Omnifocus, which is an excellent way to keep your schedule organized. It has a lot of tools, and takes some time to gain familiarity, but works great and can probably do more than you will ever ask of it. Third, iWork Suite, which has three components; pages, numbers and keynote, which apple-speak for documents, spreadsheets and presentations. An iPad wouldn't be the best choice for writing War and Peace, but if you had to do it on an iPad, iWork would be the way to go.
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