May 23, 2011

Easy, quick and cheap way to get staff up to speed

Our workforce has a widely varied level of technical expertise. I'd like for everyone to at least have the same basic level of competency on office productivity software (Word, Excel, etc.), without having to deal with off-site classes. What is your experience with online, on-demand learning sites, and can you recommend a good one?

You might even want to do a YouTube search on those topics. Sometimes you can find very helpful videos that explain various features of software applications. It's not necessarily as cut and dry as an online class, but it may serve you well when you just need a particular tip about one feature or another.

Microsoft offers a number of free tutorials on their site for various Microsoft Office products. And it's hard to beat FREE when you're looking at the price.



And of course you won't want to miss out on free YouTube video tutorials.



Online tutorials have advanced quite a lot since the early days, when it was little more than just text and a couple static screenshots. Most of them now are highly interactive, include course tracking features for management, and some even have links to live groups of other students and/or instructors. Some of the products like Brainstorm are great for as-needed learning since they don't try to teach you everything at once--when you need to learn how to use a particular feature, you can go right to that specific bit of information without having to take a whole lesson.

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