Jan 29, 2012

After 2.5 yr break, from where to start IT career?

I am an IT professional with experience in .Net1.1. After that my field changed to some non tech function for 3 yr. Then i left job for personal reasons. Now I want to start my career again. Can you suggest any technology sutable for me. I am thinking for SharePoint 2010. Will it be sutable or any other technology or course I should jump in?
Gus had some very good advice. I'd like to add that it might be a good idea to spend some time on career sites and see what companies are currently looking for in terms of IT workers. You may or may not meet their requirements, but it will give you a good idea of what is out there in your area so you can tailor your resume(s) to what companies need right now.

Be cautious of 'pigeon holing' yourself. Personally, I would start a bit more broad, then find a suitable and enjoyable 'niche' to hone your skills on.


Other areas include cloud configuration/implementation, virualization, and vulnerability management. Though the use of the technology has changed, you're sure to ramp up quickly, if you had decent IT skills beforehand. I think the 'Wow' factor could be with virualization, in addition to all the benefits this technology brings.


To understand vulnerability mangement, may I suggest the following link: Vulnerability Management


Gus Miles

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