Jan 27, 2012

What is your connectivity solution when wireline (to power the WAN) isn't available?

There's a fair amount of branch offices (say retail kiosks, oil pipelines, etc) that can't get typical access to wireline to power their WAN ... or getting that access will take a while. What do you do in those situations?


--Paul Calento http://bit.ly/c4BJLX


I use a WiFi router that supports a USB modem as an alternative to a wired connection to Internet. For mobile WiFi access, I use my phone as a WiFi router. The limitation for using a phone is that many smartphones only support the AdHoc mode. This is not a problem for laptops, but some eBooks readers only connect to a WiFi network in Infrastructure mode.


Addressing retail kiosks and oil pipeline mobile sites are different scenarios. For retail, use the services of a wireless Internet service provider, such as CLEAR, or the option recommended for oil pipeline mobile sites, which is using the services offered by your existing cellular/wireless carrier.


Gus Miles

Introduction to Wireless Encryption


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