Jan 26, 2012

What do you do when employees BYOD despite it being against company policy?

Cisco released a study of CIO attitudes that showed 48% of companies would NEVER authorize employees to bring their own devices to the workplace. What made me chuckle was the follow sentence pointed out that 57% of IT managers said that employees do it anyway.  There is clearly a bit of a disconnect there.  :-]   We allow BYOD at my office, but what do you do about it if you are in the 48%?


Frankly, I think it is inevitable, and it is easier to embrace it with reasonable security measures than to try and ignore reality (unlike about 10% of companies that know employees are BYOD anyway, but continue to forbid it).  Of course there are some occupations where I would be flatly opposed to allowing BYOD, so if you are working at CIA headquarters, doing nuclear research at Los Alamos, or managing Mitt Romney's Swiss bank accounts, no iPad for you!     


I read about Unisys coming around to this view a year or so ago.  They did two things to allow BYOD and still retain a layer of security.  Employees were required to install security software with an authentication certificate so there was a record of device usage along with remote wipe software that would allow company data to be deleted in the event a device was lost or stolen.  

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