Jan 26, 2012

How do you monitor performance and capacity in a virtual environment?

How do you monitor performance and capacity in a virtual environment? I don't want to make educated guesses, and need to be able to demonstrate what we are getting for our virtualization investment in a comprehensive manner. What tools are available to make this task easier?

Angela Stevens

We are using MindArray IPM to monitor performance of virtual environment. They also provide full support that helps you to understand it deeply.

You can use vSphere's performance tab. The problem is that you basically get a bunch of graphs and charts that are hard to correlate. There are third party monitors available that take care of metrics analysis for you by using mathematical models to make sense of the data and removing guessing from virtual performance and capacity management. A few different options are available from different vendors. Some of the better known include Veeam Monitor and VMware vCOPS. Either of them should help you create a better working environment for virtual machines.
Hi bcastle,

You might want to check out this thread in the VMWare forum for some ideas.


Here's a list of free virtualization management tools that might also be of use to you.


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