Jan 26, 2012

How do you utilize your website's search log?

I don't have the size or resources for a "real" data analyitics program, but it seems to me that my business has it's very own specialized information gathering tool, a.k.a the search logs generated by our site's search engine. Is this information something that others make use of, and if so, how do you go about it?


You can always examine your search data using a spreadsheet.  Then you can examine the data in whatever  fashion you like and in any way that provides meaningful insight.  One way you can utilize it is to see what search queries get used most often and which common queries fail and return no results.  Over time this can allow you to quantify what is of most interest to your website's visitor, how it changes, and what they are looking for from you, but not finding.   

I suggest talking to your web hosting company. Many hosting sites have a control panel with various logs and tools built in that you can use to analyze search and user behavior on your site.

I'd drop your hosting company an email and see if they already have something set up for you. Chances are that it's free and you won't have to buy anything else. It always makes sense to use free tools if you can.
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