Jan 24, 2012

How can IT staff turnover be minimized?

There has been a high rate of IT staff turnover recently, especially among younger hires. Judging from a number of conversations that I've had, this is not just an issue at my company, and is widely the case. What reasonable steps can be taken to improve retention of younger employees?



I think many of the same things apply across ages.  Pay a reasonable wage.  Allow adequate time off work.  Show a path of steady advancement.  Strive for a pleasant work environment.  Even with those "needs" met, I would still expect there to be somewhat higher turnover with younger staff.  To some degree, that is just part of being young (and sadly I'm old enough to consider 20s young).  Trying new things is part of life, and for most of us the 20s is the last time when one can do pretty much what one damn well pleases.  It is much harder to make career changes and take risks when you also have to think of your family.  And once a child comes along, those roots start sinking deep.  


I saw an article in CIO that talks about this issue.  You might find it worth checking out: 



Younger workers seem much less liable to form any sort of loyalty to an employer. So if an employer wants to keep them then it needs to provide a good compensation and benefits package, along with good working conditions.

It might also help to have some sort of mentoring or advancement program where younger workers can broaden their skill sets and continue to learn while working. This is a career advantage for them and might help to keep them working for the company for a longer term.

Companies who take their younger workers for granted might just find themselves having to continually hire replacements.
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