Jan 21, 2012

is there an emulator that will run ibooks author on a windows pc

the school in which i teach runs a widows network and i think would be reluctant to replace this with mac's. so is there a way that i can bring ibooks author to the classroom using an emulator


If you do a search for 'Hackintosh', you'll find a wealth of information about running Snow Leopard or other forms of OSX on a PC - you can dual boot the 2 operating systems. Macs and PCs are built on the same PC architecture these days, so it's a lot easier to install OSX on a Windows machine than it once was.


I'm thinking of getting a PC specifically to turn into a Hackintosh, just so I can use iBooks Author and start developing iOS Apps... it seems a far more cost effective way than buying a Mac! I already have Snow Leopard from an attempt I made to turn a laptop into a Hackintosh a couple of years ago - it unfortunately had an AMD processor and ATI graphics card, whereas Macs use Intel processors and NVidia graphics cards.

Hi temm,

No, not that I'm aware of since Apple prevents Mac OS X from legally running on other machines. There's always a chance though that they could eventually release a Windows version of iBooks Author, you never know.

In the short term though your best bet is to get a Mac.
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