Jan 20, 2012

What are some ways that a company can minimize internal resistance to a new ERP implementation and create a cohesive environment

It can be difficult to change direction when one is aboard a large ship. What are some effective methods that can decrease resistance to a new implementation and what should be considered when dealing with change management issues?


It may be helpful to being in outside consultants who have experience with ERP implementations to help identify, analyze and address the concerns of different business units.  Make sure to engage all the  stakeholders from the start of the project and have them on board with the scope and goals of the project, and be certain that those goals are clear to all.  Everyone in leadership positions need to see that you are approaching a business problem rather than a tech issue, otherwise they are likely to see it as something for IT to deal with instead of a change they need to embrace.  From a practical standpoint, one of the most important issues for a successful implementation is training, so be certain that there is a comprehensive program in place to help ensure a smoother ERP roll-out.  

I think it helps if you have a plan that clearly demonstrates the business case for a new ERP implementation. In order to get buy-in from the powers that be, you are going to have to show them why it's worth doing.

How much money will it save the company? How much revenue will generate? How will it improve customer experience?

You need to have data, ideas and a detailed plan on why this should be done.
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