Jan 20, 2012

What are the major changes with Microsoft's new System Center 2012?

The new version of System Center has been unveiled by Microsoft. What are the biggest changes that will impact users with this new release?


I think the earlier answer hit the nail on the head as to the major change in System Center 2012, i.e. the core focus is the cloud.  It allows management of both on premises and public clouds, somewhat like Azure.  There is also an added focus on virtualization, with the ability to examine various virtualizations though the single lens of System Center 2012.  In a very un-Microsoft way, it is also made to work with non-Microsoft vendors.  It makes perfect sense, so I was surprised to see the new approach taken. :-)

Hi wstark,

You might want to check out Microsoft's page on System Center 2012. There's quite a bit of information there.


"Microsoft System Center 2012 is a cloud and datacenter management solution that provides a common toolset to manage private and public cloud applications and services and:

Spans physical, virtual and cloud computing models with common management experiences throughout.

Provides comprehensive end-to-end management for your infrastructure and applications, including interoperability for heterogeneous environments.

Offers compelling economic value."
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