Jan 18, 2012

SAP certifications: What certification is the most in demand?


Hi everyone, I am new here I just see this question and I would like to participate to this. I have seen the day before a blog with complete list of SAP certifictions with details. I think it is really helpfull and I appreciate him or her effort.

I would like to share the : http://www.learnbusinessprocess.com/list-sap-certifications-exams/

It is a guide for upcoming readers.





Thanks Chryti, It is a good articles but I have not fount the of my question. Do you knoe that What is SAP MM certification? What areas of knowledge related to SAP MM certification? Which exams cover SAP MM?

Please if you know then reply me. I searched many time but did not get a proper solution.




Hi MartinP,

I'm not sure which certification is currently most in demand, that might be a moving target depending on when you ask. But here's a link to Simply Hired's job database search using the term "sap certification." It will give you an idea of what jobs are out there that may relate to SAP certifications.


You can also narrow this search down by geographical area. I just did a general search so the results cover a very large area, but you get the idea. It's helpful to see what sort of SAP certifications employers are looking for right now in the job marketplace.
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