Jan 18, 2012

How well does Microsoft Security Essentials work as primary anti-malware/virus protection?

Over lunch a friend of mine and I were debating this issue. We both have small businesses, and that means keeping a close eye on expenditures, including software. He uses Microsoft Security Essentials for anti-malware/virus protection, primarily because it is free. I use Symantic antivirus and firewall software on all my machines, and have to pay for it. One of his points was that Security Essentials offers just that, the essentials, whereas Symantic software is bloated with unnecessary features. I must admit, he may have a point there. Is he right? Are his machines protected just as well as mine, without him spending a dime on the software, or am I getting something for my money?

I run Windows via Boot Camp on one of my Macs. I decided to just go with the Microsoft solution, and so far it seems fine. I haven't had any malware/virus problems with it. However, I don't use Windows all that often so that might have something to do with it.

You could simply try using one solution then the other over a period of time to see if the Microsoft one kept your machine relatively clean and secure. If it works well enough then you could just drop the Symantec software at some point.

Of course you could simply switch to Linux or Mac. Just a thought. Heh, heh. ;)
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