Jan 16, 2012

How to format an external drive to be Mac-compatible?

How do I format an external drive so it's compatible with my Mac?


If you format as ExFAT, you'll be compatible with Windows and Macs running Lion or Vista+

Here are some instructions on how to format an external drive for the Mac that include helpful screenshots:


If you aren't familiar with how to do it, these instructions should get the job done.

"Be sure your drive is attached and mounted.
If you have already written any data to the drive, back it up before proceeding to the next step.
In the Finder, choose Go > Utilities. The /Applications/Utilities folder will open.
Launch Disk Utility.
Click the icon for your external hard drive in the sidebar on the left.

After you attach and mount the external drive, chose GO > UTILITIES in the Finder, and when the /Applications/Utilities folder opens, launch the Disk Utility. Look in the sidebar on the left and find and click on the icon for your external HDD. Click the erase tab at the top of the window, then from the Volume Format menu choose the proper format, Mac OS Extended or whatnot. Choose a name for your external HDD and type it in the Name field. Click erase and sit back and wait for the magic. That should pretty much do it.

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