Jan 11, 2012

What's the craziest device your IT department has been asked to support?

The consumerization of IT trend got me thinking that end users are likely to ask the IT department to support all sorts of devices. What's the craziest or most absurd thing you've been asked to support, or connect to the corporate network?


Easy.  Back in 2003 when I was just starting out, I was asked to set up a bunch of X-boxes for a Halo LAN party for a sales meeting that had people from different offices coming into town.  Apparently it was a very popular meeting, and it was pretty easy to set up, so the investment in time and effort was minimal, beyond making sure there were enough displays available.  It was probably the only time that I have actually been envious of our salespeople.  

I'm not an IT guy but I have to sympathize with a lot of them. It can't be fun to have to deal with whatever cool, new consumer device that suddenly appears in the office. I'm sure they have to put up with a lot of headaches from users that insist that their new whatever be supported.

It's got to drive the IT people crazy after a while.
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