May 18, 2011

Are location-based mobile apps just a flash in the pan?

It's well established that mobile apps are the "next big thing". In 2009, Gartner predicted that location-based apps would be big. But GPS location stamps found in smartphones are now receiving bad press (see for example: http://english.donga.com/srv/service.php3?bicode=020000. How will the negative press affect mobile apps, or more specifically, location-based mobile apps, in the future?


I don't think so that the GPS apps have pulled down out of the trend and we are into windows 8 mobile application development, also we have developed an "Near2Me" GPS based location app. This drives us more download traffic. 



I doubt the negative press will matter much over time. Located based apps can be quite useful so I think the folks that need them will use them regardless of whatever negative stories are being spun by the media.

When you need to get somewhere, will you really care about some reporter prattling on about location based applications are bad or whatever? I sure wouldn't spend two seconds worrying about that. I'd just fire up the app and go to wherever I need to go.

Nope. They appear to be catching on with younger consumers and savvy shoppers concerned with saving money. As the apps themselves get more mature and offer more features, expect them to become more widely-accepted.

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