Jan 06, 2012

Is Hadoop a reasonable choice for businesses that don't have a some sort of large-scale need for analytics?

It might be, it depends on the business. It might also be overkill. Here's a good background article about it that might help you decide if it's for you or not.


"Apache Hadoop is a software framework that supports data-intensive distributed applications under a free license.[1] It enables applications to work with thousands of nodes and petabytes of data. Hadoop was inspired by Google's MapReduce and Google File System (GFS) papers.

Hadoop is a top-level Apache project being built and used by a global community of contributors,[2] written in the Java programming language. Yahoo! has been the largest contributor[3] to the project, and uses Hadoop extensively across its businesses.[4]

Hadoop was created by Doug Cutting,[5] who named it after his son's toy elephant.[6] It was originally developed to support distribution for the Nutch search engine project.[7]"
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