Jan 04, 2012

How to teach users to submit better bug reports

How can we get end users who are working with new internal apps to help file more helpful bug reports? Any ideas welcome!

This is more related to developers rather than to end users, but still funny: How to make your developer hate you, or 7 tips on a BAD bug reporting.


Just type ‘wrong button’ when reporting a bug – yep, this seems to be obvious enough. (c) 



I think you have to make it very easy and quick for them. Perhaps a form that includes all potentially relevant fields that they can fill out right after noticing a bug? And perhaps also an automatic crash submission tool? That would make it even easier and remove the responsibility of the user to file a report.

Let's face it, most users probably don't want to be bothered taking the time to submit bug reports (especially if they are busy working). So you really have to make it as easy and automatica as possible to get the information you want.

If takes a lot of time or effort, most users won't bother to do it. They have other things to do.
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