Jan 02, 2012

What is a good choice for do it yourself website development for a HTML rookie?

I have to confess that website development is something I've never spend much time on, and I have very little experience with HTML beyond the very basics. I've thought about getting Dream Weaver and giving it a try, but I'm concerned about the learning curve being too steep and forcing me to devote too much time to learning it. How about those companies that offer products with drag and drop website design? Do the results turn out looking like a grade school project, or do they look professional enough for small business use?


I agree with all answers above, I just wanted to add that if you like to learn HTML or HTML5 i recommend you try W3 Schools as they offer you live testing environment where you can easily see the code in action. It is really easy to learn there. 


In my opinion, WordPress is the most popular content management system; we can use their drag and drop option and make a website very easily. It is very easy to learn and ideal for a newbie. I have personally used WordPress for making my website. It has plenty of themes and plug-ins which make your website very attractive. 

I think WordPress is a great option to consider. Try Hosting Matters if you need a host for it. There are many excellent free wordpress templates available, and you can also buy premium themes. Or you can pay a designer to make you a theme.

I run three wordpress blogs and have for years. It's great software and should simplify creating and managing your site. The nice thing about wordpress is that it lets you focus on content while also having the benefit of pre-designed themes and extensions that add functionality. You don't have to bother coding things yourself.

Check out wordpress.com or check with your hosting company to see if they have it available in their control panel.

It depends on the purpose of your Web site. I use WordPress, whose primary purpose is blogging. If you do not have a hosted domain name, you can create an account at wordpress.com. For more complex sites, I use Drupal. Drupal (www.drupal.org) is a Content Management System (CMS). While there is a learning curve, the effort to build complex sites is much less than with any HTML editor. I have built sites just using the existing modules, without any additional coding. I host my domains at dreamhost.com, and both WordPress and Drupal are available as one-click installs. However, I install my own Drupal software, for more flexibility.



Those drop and drag editors can do in a pinch, but they always look like they are website in a box results to me.  It depends on what you want people to see when they come to your website.  If you just want a basic, simple website that doesn't stand out,  but doesn't look truly horrible, there are choices.  DoodleKit is one website tool that allows you to design your own site using their online builder, and the results can look decent.  There are other similar tools.  Roxer is one that is very simple, although I think the results reflect that.  Onepager is a new option that looks pretty good in screen shots, but I've never used it personally or see a site created using it.  


HTML isn't that hard to use, so I say go for it.  There are also lots of online tools that can help you with HTML coding.  You will have many more options in the design of your site and the results in the end will look much more professional if you put forth the extra effort.  


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