Dec 28, 2011

How to transfer contacts from Blackberry to iPhone

how do I transfer my contact list from my existing blackberry 8330 to my new iphone 4G?
After using the new iPhone 6s just for few days I realised what I was missing as a Blackberry user. I switched from Blackberry Leap (running on BB 10) to an iPhone 6s and I’m completely happy with my new device.

But moving from one OS to another isn’t that easy. I found this tool via Google https://tr.im/BlackberrytoiPhone

and it helped me transfer my data (contacts, text messages, etc.) from Blackberry to my new iPhone with ease. Those who are switching from BB to iOS/iPhone can try this tool to migrate their data. It supports all the BB devices and iPhone (running iOS 5 or later like iOS 9).
As we said in our piece on transferring contacts from Android to iPhone, once your contacts are in your Google account you can access them from just about any device. With BlackBerry, unfortunately, you can no longer use the following method unless you pay for Google Apps for Business.

Instead, check the following tutorial, which tells you exactly how to transfer contacts between different mobile phones:

This works fine on all Blackberry products.
There is an official guide by Apple on how to switch from Android to iPhone, but there is no such guide for those who are switching from Blackberry to iPhone. So we are left with the few third-party applications/desktop utilities like copytrans or the one recommended here http://tiny.cc/blackberry_to_iphone to transfer contacts, sms and other content from our old Blackberry to new iPhone.

I've recently moved from BB Passport to iPhone 6 plus.
1. The first step is to get the contacts from the BlackBerry. For the purpose, you need to download and install the BlackBerry Desktop Manager for PC. The BlackBerry Desktop Manager is a free software developed by BlackBerry.

2. Run the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and connect your BlackBerry through USB

3. It’s always a good idea to make a backup of your BlackBerry first. Click “Back up now”

4. In the settings window under “Backup type” select “Full” and start the backup by clicking “Back up”

5. Wait for the BlackBerry backup to complete…

6. Once the backup is complete, go to “Organizer” and click “Configure settings…”

7. NOTE: If the Contacts option is greyed-out and shows “(syncing wirelessly)”, this means that you are currently syncing the BlackBerry contacts to an online service. You need to turn off wireless synchronization from within your BlackBerry. If the wireless sync option is not available on the BlackBerry, consult this troubleshooting article:


8. In the popup window, check “Address Book” and make sure all the other boxes are unchecked

9. Select “Windows Contacts” and click “Next”

10. Under “Direction of synchronization” choose “One way sync from Device”. Click “Next”

11. Click “Finish”

12. Next, click “OK”

13. To start the transfer of BlackBerry contacts, click “Sync”

14. Your BlackBerry contacts are now backed up in the form of Windows Contacts on your PC BlackBerry contacts saved as Windows Contacts on PC

Now it's time to restore Blackberry contacts to iPhone.

1. Download CopyTrans Contacts from the following page:


2. Run CopyTrans Contacts. The main program window shows up. Connect the iPhone

3. Open the PC folder where you saved the BlackBerry contacts. Select all the contacts you wish to transfer. To select all contacts in the folder, press CTRL + A

4. Now, drag and drop the selected contacts to the open CopyTrans Contacts window. This will import the contacts directly to the iPhone

5. That’s it! All BlackBerry contacts are now on the iPhone
1) Plug in Blackberry to computer

2) Run Blackberry desktop software

3) Choose which software to sync contacts with (Outlook, Address Book etc...)

4) Sync Blackberry to that software

5) Unplug Blackberry

6) Plug in iPhone....make sure that auto sync is turned off...

7) On INFO tab in iTunes....check sync contacts...use same program

8) Sync iPhone..

9) iPhone will ask if you want to merge or replace data...select merge

If you are using a Windows PC, you can follow the steps to transfer the data on your BlackBerry 10 device to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus:
the response is GMAIL: if you have an existing gmail account, set up a new bogus account just for this purpose (which you can then deactivate). Transfering is done using IMAP syncing between first device and gmail ( http://www.ehow.com/how_834437..., and then from gmail to iphone ( https://support.google.com/mai.... whatever you do, don't waste time trying to export/backup data from your blackberry using the desktop app..... really...
So, in my opinion, you can apply a new google account or outlook account based on you really familiar with iPhone and Gmail. If you are new to them, some program may be better to transfer contacts from blackberry to iPhone.

You can either sync your Blackberry contacts to your Gmail account and use the same Gmail account on your iPhone or just use phone transfer app to transfer contacts and SMS from BB to the iPhone or any other iOS device. This tool can transfer data from one to another in a few mouse clicks.


Follow this tutorial and follow the 2nd method to transfer data from your BB to iPhone.   


On your iPhone, go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Select ‘Add Account’ and select ‘Microsoft Exchange’. Enter your Gmail username and password when you’re asked. Now, in the ‘Server’ field, type m.google.com and select ‘Yes’ to sync contacts and calendars.
That should do it! You can also download the InTouch app on both phones, which will let you share contacts between the two. Other solution try  phone transfer program:How to transfer contacts from blackberry to iPhone 5

This works great for me. I'd highly recommeneds this way.


Most of the above solutions are posted like two years ago and they do not work anymore. Easiest solution is to backup your BlackBerry contacts to a Google account then import them to an iPhone. 


You can still use BIS to synch Google Calendar, Gmail, and contacts. You can also still use Google Apps Connector for Blackberry Enterprise Server to sync devices if you use BES. Here is a LINK to the relevant Google page. There is no need to pay for unnecessary software.




Most of the above mentioned methods will not going to work simply because Google Sync app for Blackberry is no longer availbale. But still you can transfer contact list and sms from your blackberry phone to any iPhone via a transfer tool. 


You just need to backup your blackberry data to your computer with the Blackberry Desktop software and then use software to transfer data from the backup file to your iPhone. 


I would just spend time on the weekend and just enter them manually. I can't remember but I think Blackberry stores names differently. 


There used to several ways to solve the problem you mentioned. Howver, a lot of things changed as 2 years passed.  I have tested the answers provided by previous contributors, but one of them worked on iPhone 5S. Here is a simple way I figured out myself:


Step1: Make a backup of your Blackberry device using Blackberry desktop software


Step 2: Connect your device to a computer an install Androidsoft Phone to Phone Transfer



Step3: Select the contacts you'd like to transfer and start copying it to iPhone.




Forgive me if this isn't right, but I've literally never used a Blackberry. Can you use the Blackberry desktop manager to import them to your PC? If you can, once you have them in a program, you can export them into VCards, which you can then import on iCloud.com > Contacts. Then enable iCloud contacts on your device. The key thing is to get them off the Blackberry and onto a computer. From there, there is more than one way to get them on your iPhone, that's: How to transfer contacts from blackberry to iPhone


I also used the program that PodoGelbert  recommended, it works great! 


I finally said goodbye to my Blackberry Torch and hello to the new iPhone 5s. I’m happy with my decision; I have no regrets getting the iPhone. I transferred my contact list and text messages from my BlackBerry to iPhone 5s pretty easily with the Mobile Trans software.


You just need to create a backup of your Blackberry phone with Blackberry desktop software and then you can use this mobile trans program to transfer your Blackberry contacts and text messages to your iPhone. 


Hope this will help others who are switching from Blackberry to iPhone


Unless you are syncing your BlackBerry contacts to an online service such as Gmail or Exchange, you would need to pass via a computer as an intermediary device. To transfer your contacts:

1. Use the Blackberry Desktop Manager in order to transfer your BlackBerry contacts to your computer:



2. Follow this recent users' guide in order to transfer your BlackBarry contacts to your iPhone once you have your contacts on your computer


To transfer contacts from Brackerry to iPhone:

- Connect your old Phone to iTunes on your PC/Mac and sync - In the Info menu, ensure your contacts are set to sync

- In the iTunes device list: Right click on your iPhone and select 'Backup' from the context menu allow the backup to complete.

- Connect your new iPhone to iTunes (on the same computer you used to back up your current iPhone)

- iTunes will ask you if you want to 'Restore from a backup' or set up your new iPhone as a new phone.

- Select 'Restore from a backup' - Choose the most recent backup of your current iPhone (if prompted)

- Sync your new iPhone to receive the backup information and your contacts.



Buddy, question is about How to Transfer BlackBerry Contacts to iPhone but the steps you mentioned are about how to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone. Anyways, it is possible to transfer contacts and SMS from BlackBerry to iPhone via mobiletrans software. You just need to follow these 3 simple steps:


1. Backup your blackberry data to your PC via BlackBerry Desktop software

2. Install the MobileTrans, launch it on your PC and connect your iPhone via USB cable

3. Click on the "Restore" button and transfer data from blackberry backup file to your iPhone

For more details or to download mobiletrans software, you can checkout this page: http://www.easyphonerecovery.com/transfer-data-from-one-phone-to-another.html 


Hi Jacko,

You might want to check out this ITworld article:

Transfer your contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone or Android

"As iPhones and Android phones get more powerful and gain more enterprise support, many folks are leaving the rounded realm of BlackBerry for the two big touchscreens. Most BlackBerry owners have built up an extensive list of contacts from their many, many texts and emails, and might wonder how they'll survive the trip. But take heart: you don't need to pull out your SIM card and pray, or load cumbersome transfer software. In fact, you're one text message away from transferring your contacts to nearly any smartphone.

BlackBerry offers desktop syncing software, imaginatively titled BlackBerry Desktop Manager, that can import your calendar and contacts into Microsoft Outlook, Windows Calendar, LotusNotes, and a few other organizer apps. If you're planning to sync your new iPhone or Android with Outlook or another one of those apps, you might do well to go ahead and bring them onto your PC or Mac, load them into Outlook or the like, then rely on that app to pass them on to your next phone."

However,you have to notice that create a Google account and syncing contacts from iPhone to Google account is not as simple as it is mentioned here. Locally stored contacts may or may not sync to your Google account. In fact, usually the reverse happens: contacts from your Google account will pollute your iPhone. Google has bad habit of accumulating every email you have ever received or sent! Making the entire thing a mess.


So, in my opinion, you can apply a new google account or outlook account based on you really familiar with iPhone and Gmail. If you are new to them, some program may be better to transfer contacts from blackberry to iPhone.



The easiest way is to download a google app and use it to sync your BB contacts and calendar entries with Google Apps, then use that to Sync up with your iPhone.  There was a recent set of instructions on how to do this, so I've copied them for you: 


1. On your blackberry, go to:  www.google.com/mobile/sync and click the Download App to the right for Blackberry.  Enter your cell phone number

2. Click the Google Sync icon after the install, enter your Gmail account (create one if you don’t have one) or Google Apps account.  Keep in mind your contacts as well as calendar entries will be merged in your Google account.  If you want to keep it separate, create a new Gmail account.

3. Click the Sync button and wait until your contacts are uploaded to Google.

4. On your computer, go to www.google.com/contacts and make sure your Blackberry contacts are all there.

5. On your new iPhone, go to Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars->Add Account->Microsoft Exchange

6. Email/username: enter your full Gmail address; Server: type in: m.google.com; and leave Domain blank.

Select contacts to be synced (along with calendars and gmail messages) to your iPhone.



That should help get you set up.  Good luck!


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