Nov 27, 2016

How can I track my lost Samsung Android phone with the thief's gmail login in to my account?

4 days ago
Every time I get a "Sign-in failed"notification from my lost SM-A510F Samsung Galaxy on my new Samsung galaxy A7. Since its disappearance on 1 Nov.2016, Android Device Manager displays that it was turned on 17 Nov.'16 at 8.17pm and 25 Nov.'16 8.09 pm. When the slot one Jio SIM phone number is contacted, the IVR says it is switched off or out of range. The second slot AirTel SIM Phone number on the lost phone is contacted, only three beep sounds are getting and no IVR response. On Samsung Find my Mobile, the Phone shows registered Model and date but no details at all. But still searching.
Is it that the JIO SIM is still inside the phone and the lost phone is turned off?
Did the thief discard the AirTel Mob. No.?
As I am not sure I had turned on the " Find my Mobile" option on my lost phone, Can I still see the network status of it?
4 days ago
If your Android is linked to your Google account go to which should give you the approximate location.

Take a look at the options you have with you phone, that are part of Android Device Manager

I would also suggest changing your Gmail password, so no one else would have access to it.
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