Nov 15, 2016

How do I bypass the Google verification for my LG K7 phone?

Will not let me access into the phone without having the past Gmail of the person who owned it before me.
This solution has been previously posted on the forum thay might work, give it a shot. Also see link to an older thread on this for other possible solutions.

Step 1. 0:09 Connect to Wi-Fi
Step 2. 1:18 Go to Accessibility menu, select Motor and Cognition and turn on Touch Assistant.
Step 3. 1:24 Long press the Home menu to turn on Google now
Step 4. 1:35 Search keyword "Settings" in PHONE
Step 5. 1:46 Open Apps. Swipe left to get to ALL apps on phone
Step 6: 2:02 Search for "Setup Wizard" and disable. Restart phone.
Step 7. Once phone restarts it will start up normally and reset phone through Settings menu one more time.
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