Nov 12, 2016

How can I find out what occurred on my computer, if some deleted my browser history?

I loaned my laptop to someone a few nights ago (11/9/16), but upon return, immediately noticed that the local browser (Google Chrome) history had apparently been deleted. When I went to my bookmarked online Google Activity Manager, i was unable to find corresponding entries for that period. How can I pull and review the internet activity from this date, as well as any other files that may have been accessed? I would appreciate any assistance you may provide. Thanks.
4 days ago
You can use other third party tools like keylogger and Cmd-Line Tool. To monitor the website.
Checked recent files to see if any files were accessed from the computer. If the Chrome history once it's deleted there's no simple way to restore it. You can check history from other browses or google search history.
I have heard about various keyloggers and other applications that would allow me to essetially record all activity on my machine, when I am not on it. Are there any products you know of, or would recommend, which are safe and effective. I am seeking (1) keylogging, (2) direct (and, if possible, remote screen capture), and (3) supplemental internet history recording (performed independent of browser). Thank you.
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