Nov 04, 2016

How to file an FCC complaint against my ISP?

I’m very unhappy with my ISP, AT&T. I owned my router/gateway, and they offered to upgrade it to a superior model with “no changes to your current service agreement.” The next month, I realized that they are now charging me $7 a month to lease the new equipment. So, they took the gateway that I had paid $100 for and now intend to charge me $7 a month for as long as I stay with AT&T as my service provider. This is infuriating, and I don’t think they should be allowed to do it to their customers. How can I file a complaint against AT&T with the FCC?
You can file a complaint with the FCC online, by phone or mail - see link below. You can also take a look at the guidelines for the complaint. I would suggest talking too the ISP first and see if they can resolve the problem.
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