Dec 22, 2011

Are most programmers self-taught?

This was an interesting question posted here. I'd be curious what people think. I'd say most programmers are self taught.


I suspect that many get their start at least by self-teaching. And no doubt then progress perhaps to more formal teaching in some cases.

Here's an article that looks at the differences between self-taught and formally taught programmers.


"Lately I've been thinking a lot about self-taught programmers vs those formally educated thanks to this question on Quora that I found through Hacker News.

I've worked with and for many programmers throughout the years, both self-taught and formally-educated. I've had a wide array of experiences. Bad self-taught ones and talented self-taught ones. Bad formally-educated ones and good formally-educated ones.

For the record I'm a formally-educated one from a good school. But before I went to college I was self-taught and after college I consider myself to be self-teaching all the time. Learning should never end."
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