Nov 02, 2016

Best software to work with in network license audit?

Our company received an audit letter. It warned us about a license audit and gave this task to me as a system administrator. Our company is a small one and we hadn't had such an audit before. In my network monitoring to check software and hardware, I use Total Network Inventory software license management and OCS + GLPI on other PCs where TNI can't reach. I have some reports from these tools and I'm wondering if this can help with a future audit. Thanks for replies!

You can try utilizing Microsoft SCCM for PCs and Casper suite for Macs, not sure on the licensing and cost of it, but both would work well for pulling software reports and device management. It also depends on what type of company is doing the audit and for what software. Microsoft for example can provide you with a tool to crawl through you network and check for licenses. Hope this helps and good luck with the audit!
SCCM is pretty costly. I tried it and i don`t like it at all. So they give their own crawler and i don`t need to give them reports? Why does then such programs exist?
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