Oct 25, 2016

Has Google Fiber been canceled?

I was really hoping that Google Fiber would make it to my city one day so I could tell my current ISP goodbye forever. Unfortunately, I’m that Google Fiber may be going out of business. Is this true? What’s going on with Google Fiber?
From what I've read, it sounds like they are not going to expand to any additional cities. There have also been some layoffs, but I'm not sure in what departments or locations.

It seems that Google is having second thoughts about fiber as the backbone of their network and are actively exploring wireless technology. So, while this might be bad news for those of us looking to ditch our hated ISPs in the short term, it may free up resource that will allow Google to develop a fast and reliable wireless network that can be deployed across the country much more quickly than fighting to install fiber in individual cities.
Hope not .
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