Oct 19, 2016

DHCP and DNS reservation in Windows Server?


We have a lot of printers in our company. Because printers should have static IP we receive some tickets like:

- DNS reservation

- DNS update

- DNS and DHCP reservation

For a this time I though that in windows Server we do DHCP reservation + DNS reservation (it will resolve name and grant DHCP will grant static IP)

However, I have notice, that we receive also tickets like "Updating DNS" and in this situation we do not need MAC address. On the other hande sometimes with the same requests our responsible Team asks aboute MAC address so I assume that they want to change DHCP reservation as well.

Could you please explain me that?

If somebody wants to reserve DNS for printer does it mean that he doesn't need DHCP reservation?

And more over --> I have Windows server in home (on Virtual machine). I have domain memeber with DHCP enabled. When it connected, I saw in DHCP that server reserved IP. After while, DNS record appeared as well with computer name (domain-member.domain.com). My domain-member can have other IP from DHCP release next time.

So if we in our company reserve only DNS - why it can be like that the other machine will have the same IP released as IP in DNS already reserved for printer in the past?

Now I am little bit confused. I always though that DNS and DHCP are reserved both.
Sorry for some mistakes. I was writing that at night and english is not my native language :)
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