Oct 11, 2016

What’s the difference between surround sound and 3D audio?

I’ve read that you need to use the earphone jack with PSVR to experience 3D audio and that it is highly recommended for the best user experience instead of using an existing surround sound system. Isn’t surround sound and 3D audio essentially the same thing? What’s the difference?
1 week ago
3D audio is recorded and played back in a way to mimic a human actually being in the environment. Think of it as deluxe surround sound. The mics used to record in 3D audio are placed about the same distance apart at a typical person's ears so the recording more closely resembles the sound separation we would naturally experience. Then, during playback, the sound is artificially manipulated to sound "real" instead of coming from the distinct individual channels used in a surround sound set-up.
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