Dec 19, 2011

How do you make the choice between a dedicated server or VPS for small business use?

The big push towards the cloud has created decisions for small business that did not have to be made a couple of years ago. The decision I'm looking at is the choice between a dedicated server and VPS (Virtual Private Server). If you talk to two people, with one trying to sell each, the salepeople will likely tell you whichever one they are selling is much better and the other one is a waste of money. What have people really seen to be the case in small businesses with small IT departments? Is one an obviously better choice?


Part of the answer is dependent on how much you are concerned about cost, and your level of expertise.  VPS will probably cost less, plus you can make use of customer support in a way that you cannot with a dedicated server.  You can also choose the amount of resources you need, and pay accordingly, with the ability to scale up as growth dictates.  So if you think operating a dedicated server may be over you head in terms of time and effort, VPS might be the way to go.  On the other hand, if you have the needs, resources and abilities, a dedicated server allows you to customize your hardware as you desire to meet specific requirements.

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Here's an article that covers the VPS versus Dedicated Hosting question. I think you will find it informative as you go about making your decision.

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