Oct 07, 2016

What are the warning signs that a hard drive is dying?

I have an old PC that still has its original HDD from when I got it, around 8 years ago. Yeah, I know it’s ancient but it’s pretty much just used for internet browsing and word processing and it’s ok for that. Still, 8 years is a long time and I don’t expect the components to last forever. What are some warning signs that the HDD is starting to fail?
There's a plenty of signs that Hard drives give indicating it's about to fail (some are not applicable to SSD, which I'm assuming you don't have)
- Grinding or clicking noise at boot-up or while working
- Frequent crashes at boot-up or while accessing the drive.
- Error messages while trying to wright or move data.
-It take a very long time to access data from the drive, especially if drive is silent for a while after the request.
- Folders or files missing, names are jumbled.
- Errors or garbled text when you open or print files.
That being said unfortunately those signs are typical indicators, but don't always occur and a hard drive can die without any indication.
You should keep a backup of important docs and run periodic hard drive diagnostics.
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