Oct 04, 2016

How to recover email and password used to set up Android phone?

My mobile is being setup after opening Android Device Manager screen lock , and the software is being set up again, but it is asking the email and pass word used first time. How to retrieve the email and password to setup software? Android device manager screen locked mobile by children by mistake. And phone memory was earased, for new set up of software ? Email and password first used is required to set up. How to retrieve the same.
You can retrieve your Google account info. Depending on whether you use a Gmail or not you can get a username recovery email, and then go through and reset your password. Follow the link to the Google support page, and select I forgot my username option, follow the prompts to get to the appropriate option and request the username recovery email. https://support.google.com/accounts/troubleshooter/2402620#ts=2402553%2C2402697
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