Sep 28, 2016

How to disable Yahoo account access through security questions?

How do I make it so that someone can’t use my security questions such as “What’s the name of your pet?” to gain access to my Yahoo account. Honestly, I almost never use my Yahoo account anymore, but that doesn’t mean I want it to be unsecured.
You can setup a two step verification on your account. This will send a text message with a code to your mobile device, that you'll need to enter in order to login.
Sign in to your Yahoo Account info page.
Click Account security.
Under "Two-step verification," click the On/Off icon.
Enter your mobile number.
To enable two-step verification, you’ll need to verify your mobile number. Click Send SMS to receive a text message with an Account Key, or Call me to receive a phone call with your code.
Enter the verification code, click Verify.
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