Sep 27, 2016

I have a broken Galaxy S5 that is Sprint

So I buy an unlocked clean Galaxy S5 that was my AT&T but I didn't realize it at the time that Sprint wouldn't flash it over so how can I do this I just spent $170 and basically only have 4 months left on my Sprint and I never ever want to send this friend again and that's what he was trying to get me to do so anyone please help me I just want to / one galaxy to another so Sprint to AT&T please
I honestly cannot tell what you are asking. You just posted an entire paragraph of word salad with zero punctuation. You "don't want to send a friend again." You want to " / one galaxy to another."

If it's an "unlocked clean Galaxy that was my AT&T" what does Sprint have to do with it? It's an unlocked phone, there is nothing else for Sprint to do unless it's blacklisted. Assuming that it is an unlocked phone, which is what you seemed to say, and it can run on a GSM network (Sprint uses a CDMA network, while AT&T uses GSM), what's the problem?

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