Sep 26, 2016

How to fix problem with Note 4 screen?

Few months back I had problems with my battery draining quickly and phone heating up so went to a phoneshop to get it repaired!they said I had some problem with motherboard and I had to replace it but they were charging 300USD for it so instead I bought a note 4 mother board online and changed it myself! The phone turned on but the screen is all black! Then after some thinking and analysing the model number on my phone and the new mother board doesn't match mine was SM-N910C and the new mother board is SM-N910F/G! So my query Is it because of the different model motherboard that my screen is black? What do u suggest I should do for the problem?
It's possible that the different motherboard won't support the display. Do you have the option of returning the motherboard and buying the correct model?
It's also a possibility that the screen was damaged during the assembly. Do you see any LED lights on the screen or it completely black?
IFixit has a great guide on the motherboard replacement, take a look to make sure you connected everything that needs to be connected.
No I can return the board back!The screen is pitch black only light on back and other button and the charging light is there!
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