Dec 15, 2011

CCIE Security certification

I am working as an AIX administrator. Right now I am interested in learning CCIE security. Is changing my career from sys admin to CCIE a good thing? I heard CCIE's have a bright career compared to the admin field.
CCIE folks do have a good stature in employment prospects. If you are coming from an AIX background though, I would suggest you look closely at security certifications in the Unix/Linux world. These prospects seem to be even higher in terms of salary and potential. Deep knowledge of the Unix focused operating systems, kernel and some development skills will go a long way to making you an invaluable senior member to many information security teams.

If you don't think you would regret not moving beyond deep knowledge of the OS, stay focused in Unix. We are going to need more of those folks in the future than colleges can turn out.

Hi ajay,

I can't tell you whether your career move is a good thing or not. It's hard to generalize about that. Here's a good background article though that you might find interesting:


You might also want to check out Simply Hired's CCIE Security job listings to see what sort of jobs are available out there:


Good luck to you in your career move, I hope it works out well for you. :)
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